Today I love blogs and the 2.0

This is a related post for my previous writing about social media services and blogs.

I found this site Alltop which is a portal to blogs, through one of my news feeds I like to read from, and now I feel excellent and think that the whole concept of social web is absolutely magnificent and will make the world a better and more informative and open place.

So, why I now think blogs are good?

The biggest reason is, they are mostly of something specific and they have been written by an individual interested on that specific area. OK, that’s not always 100% true, everyone has heard about the casual fake bloggers working in an advertising agency and keeping a blog for the wrong reasons. Luckily people are sometimes smarter in the web and mostly in these cases evil-doers get caught right in the start.

When a person starts to write voluntarily about something, anything, you know he or she must be interested in the subject. Because, let’s face it, although it may be somehow easier to write to the web and the word count is often smaller than in the average high school essay, writing is still a thing people begin to do if they are honestly interested in something and want to express themselves. And writing is, in a way, hard to start, especially if you are not writing in your mother tongue. So most likely if one starts and even continues, there are real reasons behind that.

One other good reason is that blogs benefit fast and directly. I have noticed, that nowadays I’m almost always searching some particular piece of information, and the blogosphere is often a better and more ‘to the core’ type of place to find what you are looking for, opposed to for example commercial search engines. When I find a blog that deals with the things I was looking for, there’s almost always some good links forward to explore more on the subject. And if the blog is well-made, the connected sites (or blogs) are also good and informative.

And about the subject I last time wrote (i.e. nagged), that you don’t have the time to read all the interesting blogs and feeds and stuff you would like to. Well, deconstruct, deconstruct and deconstruct my friend. And stop whining. Try out those feeds you are reading for a week or two. If you see the numbers increase in the ‘unread posts’, delete it. If you are not reading it, it most likely stands for “I don’t need it that much”. There’s plenty of better sources out there. Don’t get stuck to something you don’t need. Find another, better one.

And in the end, where the people should get their subjects and ideas for their blogs? From other people of course. Unless you are a genius of some kind, and not likely in that case either; human beings don’t work in a void. People don’t get ideas from the thin air. You search, you talk and listen, you process. And sometimes, when its too much to bear to keep it just for yourself, you execute.

Like my favorite writer from my childhood, Stephen King said,

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

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