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A couple of pictures from Rustholli’s [a Finnish company providing renovation services] ad campain from Tampere. I believe the Tampere street campaign just finished. In it, they renovated a two-room apartment to show how easy and fast renovation can be. Nice thought!

When you look the sum of the campaign’s parts, it was fairly well planned; the outside screen was big enough to draw attention and the website was with the same color [this is really a thing to mention] and in it, you had an easy access to the campaign site.

These are really big problems in campaign’s sometimes, the unity of different parts – mostly I think its because people have been careless or someone ruined the schedule again.

About the website, the overall look in it is trendy, fresh and something else you usually see from a renovation or a construction company, at least in Finland anyway.

I like it how they take out concept of the renovation from the shadows and somewhat demystify it. Many times you have a problem with people in the business to give as many opinions to your question as there are respondents. And that’s truly annoying.

And I believe they have even used a interaction designer in this one – some sarcasm maybe? What you need is what you get in the site.

They have clearly stated to be ‘The easiest company in the business’ and you have easy access to ‘Contact’ sub pages and basically in anything else you can imagine you need from the site. I have a couple of small renovation projects at hand, maybe I’ll test is their service plan strong to the end.

Many times you see good campaigns, but the last persons, the persons who should do the customer work, the sales person and the ones doing the real work, haven’t been too well informed or trained. And this can ruin the whole campaign and even the company image. It has happened couple of times.

If you are telling people that ‘My company has the best customer service people in the business’, get those, train those and keep them working for you.

If I go to you store and there I meet Mr. ‘Not So Nice Guy’ Bob who only grunts when I ask my humble mortal’s questions, in my books you have failed. And I won’t come back to see if it’s better next week.

I wrote some thoughts about this ‘How to smear a good customer campaign with bad management’.

But really, the funniest thing in this all is, that the campaign, in Tampere, was in front of this old church. You could see some symbolism in that one…

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