I won’t be coating it.

Image by kevandem (Licence)

I like start-ups. I like, and want to see how people get excited about their innovation, their product, their ‘child’. What I hate to see is them ignoring the realism by force, and asking me to feed or go along with their madness. Here are some of my humble tips to all you there starting a new service or a concept idea. These are just basic, little things, which in the end add up to be big things.

When you are excited about something, you sometimes may have a problem in facing the fact that something is wrong. You won’t probably even confess it to yourself, even if someone else tells you so. And that’s OK. It’s human.

But, you can’t hide from the fact, that in developing a new product or service, in addition to just creating the product, you have to:

  1. Map the market you are going to
  2. Do some amount of research
  3. And above all, you have to test. Ignore this, and you’ll be knee deep in it.

And of course, you’ll have to have the real people for the real jobs, or the road will be bumpy and may even end too soon. Even if you are a da Vinci. He only draw a tank, he didn’t actually manufacture or test a single one – as far as I know.

If you have done these 3 little things I mentioned, and then come to me for help, I’ll be glad to assist.

Ignore even one of these deliberately, and come to me and say ‘I don’t need to do that, could you just do something for this to make it look better?’, I have to say, no. Because it won’t work. I most likely get paid, but your concept’s core won’t get the benefit. Because there probably isn’t any.

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