[Customer] Care and let it show

Image by Robot Apocalypse (Licence)

Some time ago I wrote about how I was going to do some renovation in my basement and how I was going to ask an offer from two different renovation companies. Well I asked, and now I’m renovating it all myself.

I have two reasons for this; the both were too expensive and I didn’t trust the other company to do the job right.

I knew that both of the offers were a way out of line. How? Because I happened to know what the actual product costs would be. Not even 1/3 of what they told me.

So here’s one thing to remember: don’t try to fool your clients by putting more on the top, there’s almost always someone who catches you, and I assure you, he will tell others about your unorthodox pricing methods.

And then a little bedtime story about how the offerings went, for a reminder to those responsible of selling their products or services. Read this carefully and think which one you would be. Hopefully you’re not the number 2.

Company 1.
Came to see the renovation site, asked when they could deliver their offer to me, called me after an hour and a half and gave a clear price and schedule.

I promised him to make my decision within three days, because I wanted to hear what the other firm had to say. This was OK.

By the way, this was the same company I wrote about in Campaigning – A Renovation Company. In that post I questioned if their service plan was strongly implemented to the very last sales person, and I guess I got a positive answer to that.

Company 2.
Came to see the renovation site, told me that they could do the offer by the end of the week [this company came by before the Company 1.].

Called me at Friday afternoon when I was going home from work to enjoy my weekend, and told me that they are sooo busy with building their fair compartment that could it be OK if he phoned again by Monday? Well, he wasn’t even that polite.

I happened to know that the other company was going to the same fair and most likely they were busy too, but it didn’t seemed to be a problem for them. Somehow I always feel kind of odd when someone is so busy advertising that they cannot deal with their current possible clients.

But I didn’t mention anything, maybe they had a momentary shortage in personnel, someone really crucial was sick, or something else I didn’t know about. So I stayed patient and silent.

I told the man I was talking with, that we took another offer from Company 1 to get another view, and it would be nice to tell them why we weren’t taking their offer, but your instead. This was meant to be a small joke to take the edge of.

He cleared his throat and stated like I was somehow hurt his feelings: “You have taken another offer?”.

Well, what did he expect? That we could just settle for one price without even asking how much it could be somewhere else?

Well, it happened, that he didn’t even call by Monday. He called at Tuesday and didn’t even apologize of being late.

I told him, that we had already taken the renovation further and didn’t need their services, thanked him for bothering to make the offer and said goodbye.

Here’s a small list to consider if one wants to make profit with their business and keep a good reputation:

  • If you say you’ll call, then call. If you set the date, keep it
  • If the potential client is saying that they liked what you told them, but can’t wait for the offer too long [because of your petty excuse]; hurry up and make the offer
  • Don’t make your clients feel that they are just another client
  • If you are so busy getting new clients that your current ones, or even the current potential ones are left without a good care, think about a second what advertising is for
  • Don’t ever take business personally. It’s just business.

So if someone is wondering why my posts have been sparse, now you know the reason. Off to the basement again!

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