About my banner

Some of the people bumped here may have wondered what that banner and that ‘One sound.’ sentence up there is to portrait and how the hell it’s connected to design or anything else here in any way? As placing them there was a totally subjective view, I thought I’d open up that a little bit. No, this isn’t just a stand in post ’cause I got nothing else to say today. I have a reason here, so please bare with me.

I’ll never know [unless some comments to this post] how other people feel and experience that scenery. For me it represents a place from last summer, where I truly felt how the universe was breathing, or its big veins were bumping life.

Yeah, I know this may sound weird and over the top, and you’re probably more like ‘What is he talking about, tell me something about Twitter or something’.

The reason of posting this now was, because today I remembered the good feeling of belonging and the unity with everything. Someone could say I found connection with ‘OM’ or something, but the definitions here are not the ones that count.

The picture is taken in Israel, in Tel Aviv Yafo, facing towards the city of Tel Aviv. One can only imagine the soothing sounds of the minarets, the peaceful moment in a city filled with exciting things [which I unfortunately saw hardly at all because of our little time there] and the bohemian, but still celestial feel in everything.

And that is the state of mind I believe one should have always if in the so called creative business. Hopefully in the normal life as well [which should of course be creativity-filled life, got it?].

Israel is a land of many contradictions and sad misunderstandings, but still there are people and places like Tel Aviv, that make you experience the emotion of belonging with the whole world. Could this be the case why everyone through centuries would’ve liked to own it and thus have fought for it? Maybe.

But I believe these places exist all over. Anyone who has seen a clear Finnish summer evening near a lake, knows what I mean.

So, the point being this: let the creativity and innovation [or what ever term], be and feel something like places as these. Nothing ever comes from trying too much or forcing things to happen. Yeah I know, I’m on a soft mood today, but can’t help it, and so what?

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