Book: How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business by Jeffrey Fox

small_businessThere’s nothing new under the sun? Well Jeffrey doesn’t seem to believe so.

What’s it about

The book is about starting your own small business, from marketing, to how to run it, to lift your spirit up. Don’t take everything as a fact you may just apply to your business and it works. Read it with a mind of your own.

First impressions

Here’s a book tied in a relatively consistent structure of chapters which establish a good A to Z on how to run your small business.

There are many things that may sound a bit too obvious to some readers, but when you look around and try to see if you can find companies run as the writer hopes they should be; you see that these so called little things the book represents, aren’t always that well implemented.

The book is inspiring and says out loud of the biggest drivers one should have to start their own business: ‘Work can be more fun and interesting, with you controlling it’.

Possible inspirations

  • Crystallized clear steps and ideas to follow
  • Easy reading
  • Motivating
  • No hype and no big promises,
  • But cold facts which point out; you have to do this, like this and this, or you probably won’t succeed
  • I liked the structure of the book. Good solid knowledge, in addition to things to make you want to start a business of your own.

Possible turn downs

  • Well, maybe the book’s name is a bit over the top
  • Some may consider this book too simple. I consider this to be something people may build on. And I tend to believe this can offer a good reminder to those who ‘already know it all’
  • Some parts may work better in the U.S. than in Finland;
  • Hiring your own driver to be able to work the journey to a meeting, is maybe a bit off the subject.

Some things from the book

  • Remember to sell, to anyone, at anytime. -In my opinion, don’t be too pushy though.
  • Everyone is a potential customer. –But if you just stare into that, you may end up being one of those people who see everyone just as ‘clients’, and not as human beings anymore. And people can sense if you see them only as ‘those who can bring me more money’.

For who?

To those starting their own small business, or like to repeat the so called basics. Everything starts from the foundation.


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