Book: Winnie-the-Pooh on Management by Roger E. Allen


In which a Very Important Bear and his friends are introduced to a Very Important Subject.

What’s it about

The book is about how to be a better manager, explained through adventures and doings of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood. The writer takes a position as a Stranger in their midst, talking about things around management through dialogue with the forest habitats, mainly with Pooh.

First impressions

Clearly described information. Back to meet Pooh-the-Bear from a different angle.

Possible inspirations

  • The world of the Hundred Acre Wood
  • Clear descriptions how a good manager should act for the best of his or her company and co-workers
  • Easy reading.

Possible turn downs

  • The book may be too simplified to some and some things may sound a bit too easy and naive.

Some things from the book

  • The basic premises of management. – I think these are things anyone should have on a post-it, attached to a visible place. So often these are forgotten.

For who?

To those wanting to know about management, maybe to those a bit younger. But if you are a fan of Pooh-Bear [and also interested how one can explain ‘management’ to him], I’d suggest you read this.

And of course if you are a manager who thinks to already know it all; read this little book and really think, is my foundation in management really that solid as I think. I’d suggest to ask from your employees, ’cause it’s always easy to be satisfied yourself.


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