Book: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell


Somehow recently I’ve seen many people reading and reviewing this book in the media [although this is already as old as from the year 2000 – a little push to some certain people thinking that knowledge is nowadays something somehow bound in time]. So, I had to find out what’s all the fuzz about it. This is the first of Malcolm Gladwell’s books I’ve read, and as always when listing a new book here, I have to recommend it to everyone, and most likely try to get my hands on the rest of them too.

What’s it about

Like the title says, Mr. Gladwell explains in this book what it takes to some situations, trends and other things to explode and change, sometimes very rapidly, to something else. He calls this as ‘the tipping point’. Often very unexpected reasons can drive things to popularity and fame.

First impressions

Very interesting, demystifying and a mind opener. Hard facts, solid text, written in a way that is fast to read and page after page makes you want to read some more [like in every good book, the end comes too fast of course]. The examples used in this book vary from how crime dropped in the New York City so rapidly to why TV’s Sesame Street is so powerful program in teaching kids.

Possible inspirations

  • When you see in the future some new phenomenon exploding, you won’t be rolling your eyes and say ‘This new such and such trend; I cannot understand what people see in it! Why is it happening!?”. Or ‘How come these new sneakers I’ve never heard of are all of a sudden so popular?’. Instead you may get interested about the real reasons behind everything, and start asking why this happened.
  • To those working in the advertisement/marketing segment of life; read this and get it in your head: trends don’t just come off from nowhere, but are often a combination of careful planning and right people being in the right place.

Some things from the book

  • The examples are great and interesting; especially the vigilante story of New York. Reminds you somehow of Michael Douglas going over the edge in ‘Falling Down‘.
  • Interesting theories drived from for example how an epidemic works.

For who?

To people interested about why collective things happen and may already have some clue of that like they said in Lost: ‘Everything happens for a reason’. And once again: a good remainder and must-read to you ad and marketing people out there. Ponder these things next time when you are trying to build your client’s product to be the ‘next big thing’.

Other reading from the author:

Links to the book:

About ‘The Tipping Point’ at gladwell dot com
The Tipping point at Amazon

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