How to get your clients even if it’s a shitty weather

Sauna Open Air Metal Festival (Band performing Medeia)

The content of this post came to me when I was listening to bands in Sauna Open Air Metal Festival. The ‘experience’ included standing outside cold [something like 8 degrees Celsius], in a rain, drinking laughably expensive beverages and having my ears blown to pieces. This fun lasted about six hours.

All of a sudden in the rain, I got a core revelation why I was there. It wasn’t just because of the music and the bands why I was there [there wasn’t even performing bands that I like that lot]. It was because I like to go to this specific thing every time it’s held. It is the unity of the happening and the feel that I get from the whole. The experience.

I realized that if you got a really good concept or a product, the dedicated fans [or customers] will come, no matter what. You can even try to stop them enjoying by making stupid rules or lifting up prices [to some point of course], but if you’ve got them labeled with your brand they’ll still come/buy your stuff.

This sounds too obvious and thus a bit stupid when written here, but isn’t this the case, really? To get clients, fans or customers, is to have a meaningful product or a kick ass brand [that may just a while hide the fact that your product isn’t that good].

Having both may just mean you being the market leader.

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