Create value when posting to a group forums, don’t just promote “I”

This is the first post after summer vacation so let’s start it light.

I belong to a couple of marketing and social media groups in LinkedIn and have the groups’ updates come to my email regularly. I’ve noticed that many times people are over promoting their companies and that’s just boring. It is so annoying to see a great heading that seems interesting and finding out just another message without real meaning – at least not to me anyway.

These kinds of groups are made more for people to exchange information between each other than self promoting and talking nonsense. Of course it’s OK to mention your company in your post or link your own company blog post to the group’s wall if it’s relevant, but posts like “How to earn million dollar through affiliate marketing in less than 6 months – <link>See how I did it!</link>” are just boring and make the group drop their credibility. These posts should be deleted for the sake of the mankind!

So please, if you are an active member of these kinds of forums and groups; Oh, behave and create real value through your posts! If not for other people, do it for the reason that it ensures people listening to you also the next time you post.

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