Do We Need Creativity Programs?

Image by zen [License]

Nowadays it seems governments and towns have invented creativity. Thus they have put up different kinds of programs to further this new acquaintance which will lead us to the light of the more glorious future.

However in present light I think these kinds of programs can sometimes have the opposite effect. When you visit their web sites, you can see that in many cases creativity couldn’t be more far away. Often the contents can sound and seem even naive, like you had given crayons to an adult and asked him to draw something spontaneous and creative. And he has taken the grayest crayon and drawn a box.

These websites mirror how I feel after being in contact with some people who are ‘helping people to be more creative and further their projects or business in the creative field’. A word to people who run these kinds of projects: It’s OK to have them, but for god’s sake make them actually count. Make them efficient in developing creative projects and business, not just another meaningless program where you can waste people’s money.

It doesn’t matter if you say you are creative if you really aren’t. Creativity isn’t something you can easily map out and then it happens. That’s why it is creativity and always runs away from definitions.

So a word to those people too who are thinking of jumping into making things in the creative business field: think before/after you ask for help from public instances. Do you really need help, or is it just a good kick in your buttocks that will do it? Is the help program that was meant to assist you, resisting you instead? Could you ask someone like-minded or already in the business to spar you, or could you even do your thing faster and better on your own, if you just did it?

Sometimes it’s good to ask help, but many times too much planning and designing with others [who possibly aren’t even that much interested] may just slow you down and mix your original idea.

So like they say in the good ol’ Nike, Just Do It.

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