Thank You For Calling – DumbAss!

I wanted to have an Internet connection for my company and after seeing a pretty decent kind of offer, I thought I would buy it from this unnamed lighthouse company. I was so wrong.

It seems that this package offer was something that they won’t even sell to companies in the first place, but somehow they sold it to mine! This I found out this morning when talking with the customer service guy because of not getting my cable modem. And the new connection should open soon.

And from the sound of the customer service person it seemed that I had been the dumb one in this situation not knowing this fact, and I should call them back because the guy in charge of these things won’t be at work before 9 o’clock.

I SHOULD CALL THEM BACK?! Why the hell should I pay those calls because they have made a mistake? Maybe they should ask me when is a good time for this aforementioned guy to call ME back, not the other way around!

I have just one thing to say to this company: You lost a client. I’m getting my connection from elsewhere. If this is how you treat your customers when they have problems, I don’t want to be among them. Thank you, bye!

4 thoughts on “Thank You For Calling – DumbAss!

  1. I’ve had such horrible customer service (plus bills without any reason WHY they were sent) from a certain unnamed lighthouse company. They actually sent me a bill of 80 euros through this another unnamed company with a woman’s name without any explanation. I spent at least an hour and a half on phone, trying to figure out what the bill was about! And after several months they kept sending me the same bill, over and over again “the bill is overdue, please pay it”. I refused, took the thing forward (to the Consumer Agency) and finally got a letter last week stating I don’t have to pay the bill! I’d rather pay more money to a company which actually HAS a customer service and wants to help people out!

  2. I had similar experience with Elisa customer service some weeks ago… It was a clear case of Elisa delivering me a wrong product, but the representative on the phone kept telling me, that I just cannot use it. It was so frustrating!

  3. This is sooo terrible. After this I went to the store today and said I want to cancel the order. The woman in the counter didn’t believe that the package I ordered wasn’t for companies and called to the customer service herself! And they said the same thing to her that they said to me.

    Could someone please present here better options for Internet Service Providers that we could use?

  4. Nebula. They have customer service even on IRC! It costs a bit more but it’s focused on serving companies, even though they do provide connections for private persons, too. As far as I’ve heard, there aren’t much problems with the connections and if there has been any problems, they have been fixed relatively fast (in hours, rather than days).

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