Event: ArcticEvening Tallinn 3rd December

I had the chance to visit ArticEvening Tallinn last week. Met a couple of interesting people [if you are reading this; Hi and thanks for the nice discussions!] and got more updated on how’s the start-up scene in Estonia.

The evening’s panel discussion was about “What is marketing for start-ups and how to do it effectively”. At least for me the panel discussion didn’t offer anything too new, more like support to already known things like affiliations and using social media for you benefit; make your network your marketers and instead of trying to create a picture perfect product, try to start market and launch as soon as possible to ‘own’ the idea.

I believe web start-ups and alike have closer in blood [I hope] than maybe a bit more traditional companies – or at least they should. It was nice to hear these things from the panelists though.

There was also a surprise pitch, which turned out to be an interesting mobile application called TaxiPal. The idea of the application is to get the best taxi for you no matter in which city you are. The app provides the user the prices and the suggested route. The user can then decide from the provided list which company’s taxi to take and order it for certain time to a certain location.

I think the pitch was good and the shown pics about the app were also OK, but what’s with the website – which basically isn’t a website but just a one rather horrendous page.

I’m a bit surprised after the good presentation that the page and the Twitter profile is that content empty. These were some of the basic things the panelists discussed at the event about marketing and this doesn’t quite live up to the expectations. Hopefully guys at TaxiPal understand this, and after all, it isn’t nowadays that difficult or time-consuming to build a basic  website and an informative Twitter account. But altogether, best of luck to you guys, the idea sounded good.

Overall it was nice to visit Tallinn after a short break and hear how’s the new media business field there. Maybe I’ll see you again next time at Tallinn in some interesting event. Cheers!

Oh and by the way if you’re interested, here’s also a small photo gallery of the event at Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Event: ArcticEvening Tallinn 3rd December

    • No problem! It was nice to see how things were in Estonia. As I still have some relatives there to visit, it was great to be able to see the business and start-up scene also.

      Oh, and btw, hopefully you guys plan to visit Tampere too in the near future. Somehow it seems Helsinki is always too far away to participate to ArcticEvenings. 😛

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