All We Need is Courage

The conversations around social media, innovation and creativity in our society are currently running intense. Some people are desperately asking “What can we do to survive in the global economy?”, some are trying to find the culture of creativity and innovations.

When reading and hearing about this debate, I’d say the biggest denominator in our society is fear. Fear of new things, fear of uncommon things, fear of the strange future already upon us, and fear of a situation where the old and wise aren’t the only wise anymore but sometimes just old. This could paralyze the society.

You who say “Let’s wait and see”, we don’t need. You who say “Support them in every possible way they need to get it done”, we need desperately.

The only thing we need in this society is courage and people who are crazy enough to believe they can turn the world upside down – the world, not just our own country. And there are young people who can lift up this wave, but they need a society that won’t suffocate their passion to do it.

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