Is there no ROI in smiling?

Image by dotbenjamin

What are people selling most of the time? Why do people buy from some people and why some people network better than others? Just saying it’s an inner thing or got in mother’s milk, is fooling yourself and hiding from the fact that you already know: you could be this kind of person too, if you just wanted.

Be positive. Consider this: You spend time and effort [and money] in making yourself known to other people; to customers, to possible partners, to people that you like to know better, but in the same time choose not to develop the best marketing benefit that is, yourself, your persona.

Is there no ROI in smiling?

Go to other people instead of waiting them to come to you. Why should other people come talk to you? What’s there so special in you that outpaces every other person in the room? You go to them and make their time with you worth their while.

Don’t be apologetic, and in the same time fear of being arrogant or false. This in public and in the Web, everywhere. Some people think they can fool us, but most of the time, they can’t. Fool once and stand the future that it brings.

Still, just excecuting these things isn’t enough. You have to internalize. Reading a great book or going to a seminar can be a spark, but to have a burning flame, you need continuous nurturing.

Make these a habit, let these things control you, not the other way around. You’ll notice that these grow energy, not take it.

So once again: What are people always selling?

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