About Information Cascades and the State of Social Media

Image by Marjorie Lipan

The things social media professionals and experts should gradually start asking themselves are:

What’s there to be done now, in the current situation? and

How could I educate and develop myself for the future? when there’s less and less people asking you those same two questions “Why should I go to social media?” or “What’s the use for it?”.

Something to back this up. Read Dan Zarrella’s interesting post involving information cascades and Contagious behavior’s post about contagious behavior. If you don’t know what’s an information cascade, read the Wikipedia article.

After a certain point it becomes rational for people to stop paying attention to their own knowledge – their private information – and to start looking the action of others and imitate them. Many people doing the same thing can lead to mainstream change.

Of course there are already the early adopters in different fields like in business and education, but the current state isn’t the becoming social norm, yet.

There will be a turning point when people stop asking “Is social media meaningful?” and after that, it can’t be before, comes the time when people need to know what to do with it.

The people who stay as experts then, are the one’s who will understand social media as a part of the paradigm shift, not just as a simple technological change.

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