Hack the Business System, Fast

Image by santimolina

This is based on an inspiring post Don’t talk, just execute – in 2 days, Estonia’s Garage48 produces 16 potential startups on TechCrunch Europe. This is innovation taking place through action and not just talks, and not playing with the old business rules.

Some of the old rules are as follows: get someone to believe in your idea that you have the courage to start doing it; hone that darn business plan to the end of the world; get funding; don’t tell anyone, anything, before executing these aforementioned things and before you have tested and tested and tested that the concept will absolutely work and is profitable.

But hey, the field nowadays is mixed up. There are startups out there that don’t seem to make sense – in the traditional sense, that is. But what if they will in the future? I still can hear that someone who said it’s going to be market for maybe just 5 computers in the world, not much more. And what about text messaging?

More than the shining over thought business plan, rapid development and courage is what we need, because someone else in this world will most definitely have that same idea and run with it. It has happened many times already.

When we are slow and think too much, that’s when we fail.

So don’t wait for someone to approve. Nike it.

After reading the TechCrunch post, I’m proud to see things like this happening in my old birth town. Things haven’t always been easy for this. Not too long ago.

Thanks for sharing the post @jpilomia

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