Damn, Radio Isn’t Dead. It Just Got Better!

Today while I was again surfing through podcasts on my iPod, something hit me: the radio isn’t dead! It’s just transformed into something better.

What myRadio doesn’t have:

  • Annoying speakers who speak rather lot of BS – Although I feel that for example TwiT could sometimes be 20 minutes shorter if they just stopped babbling. But hey, it kinda creates the mood for the show, right?
  • Annoying commercials. There are ads, but often they are implemented rather nicely to the show, actually sometimes even too nicely – Still thinking of that one episode of NYTimes Tech Talk if it was a paid Microsoft commercial, half of the show! Sorry, had to delete the entire program ASAP before it corrupted myPods tiny operating system with some helpful notifications.

What myRadio has:

  • Me, controlling it. Recently I’ve totally fallen in love with podcasts. They are not something new to me, but in this hectic state as an entrepreneur where it seems I’m always going somewhere, they provide me a good way to be on the top of things and even do some self-developing.
  • It has music and talk programs, when I want to. I don’t have to wait for some program to start or hope to get a better song after that certain “played already 100 times today”.

Just a simple expression of love for podcasts. Nothing more, nothing less. 😉

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