Dialogue is

1. Time and Place

  • Being 100% there
  • Concentrating to another person
  • Not picking your cell phone all the time

2. Shared journey

  • Same station of departure, same for arrival
  • Ensuring we are discussing about the same issue

3. Open mind

  • Not deciding from the start what the other person is perhaps thinking about
  • Dangerous to say “I know what you think”
  • Showing that you are interested in knowing more

4. Clear articulation

  • Absence of unnecessary jargon and words which don’t take the matter forward
  • 10 second rule: If you don’t grasp until then, you’re not even trying after that

5. Balanced

  • Extrovert must remember to stop himself, introvert must remember to stop others

6. Dig deeper

  • Ask questions
  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • Could there be another solution for this, another view?

More interesting ideas about dialogue from William Isaacs, Dialogue: The Art Of Thinking Together

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