Book: Ready Player One

A book for gamers, geeks, Monty Python fans, 80’s fans, and those who want to fuel their imagination with some intriguing ideas about the future of education and the Web.

There are small oddities though already in the beginning section of the story. The protagonist mentions how innovative the virtual world is and how one can learn almost anything there. Still at the same time, he and his classmates are attending virtually to classes where teachers teach by lecturing, and there’s even some software which monitors if the students stay quiet and attend. Whaaaat?!

Does behaviorism sit so tight in the writer’s culture that he could not think this deeper and slightly differently? After all, this is a sci-fi book for Bruner’s sake! Unfortunately I am not surprised, as I have witnessed this in several other occasions. Learning is indeed a difficult phenomenon to re-imagine.

In general, the book makes an easy and compelling read with cool pop culture references.

Check out the book web site at

Ready Player One book cover

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