Between Presence and Presence

When comparing the following picture and the definition that follows it, is there a clash and if so, what kind?

Day 31 Occupy Wall Street October 16 2011 Shankbone 8

“Presence is defined as the subjective experience of being in one place or environment, even when one is physically situated in another.” -Witmer & Singer (1998)

2 thoughts on “Between Presence and Presence

  1. Nice thought provoker! Two thoughts come to mind: Maybe there’s a finer distinction between physical presence and psychological presence? And, how much does presence go hand-in-hand with consciousness?

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m sure we can make that distinction. Let’s say I am currently slightly worried about the decreasing presence of the physical kind and how technological progress might affect our perception of, well, everything basically if one believes us to be more than just brains but an embodied construct where the body-world connection matters.

      I feel there is potential for the world to become an even broader simulation to us than e.g. Baudrillard ever described. And the increasing augmented screens between us and “it” might be contributing to it.

      Still, I agree that emerging technologies have given us many nice things at the same. To say this that no one confuses me to be a Luddite or anything. 😉

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