Thursday Research Bulletin 14.8.2015: From Halo 5 disappointment through place to Husserlian embodiment

“Congratulations! You’ve defeated Diablo III.”

“Congratulation! More powerful Xbox One will remove split-screen from the new Halo! (as is naturally logical)” Have your say on!

About this week

This week ran past like a wild boar. It began (last weekend) with a huge disappointment with no split-screen in Halo 5, and ended up seeing a couple of my research papers being accepted to conferences. There’s also interesting discussions on ResearchGate for example about the relationship between phenomenology and embodied cognition.

All the interviews of my current phenomenological study about virtual environments are now transcribed. Now it is flipping them into NVivo and starting the elaborate coding process. Luckily, I already practiced this quite a bit with the recent literature review of virtual embodiment.

From the web

Sometimes I feel that old UX designers, HCI professionals, gamers and whatnots who have seen quite a lot in the field of various digital technologies have perhaps a bit more healthy relationship with VR that penetrates the current hype (or perhaps that is only my dream). Here’s some interesting pondering about the role of VR:

Interesting reading this week

Cilesiz, Sebnem. 2008. “Educational Computer Use in Leisure Contexts: A Phenomenological Study of Adolescents’ Experiences at Internet Cafes.” American Educational Research Journal 46 (1): 232–74. doi:10.3102/0002831208323938.

Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology, fall 2015.

Mensch, James R. 2001. Postfoundational Phenomenology: Husserlian Reflections on Presence and Embodiment. University Park: Penn State University Press.

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