21st century skills and business development, knowledge society and social media

Business magazines are shouting “the roles of leadership should be changing!”

Self-development consultants and coaches: “You should have clear goals and know your strengths and weaknesses if you want to find a better balance in your life and succeed.”

Education “Lifelong learning is inevitable.”

100+ professors, researches and consultants world wide [actually started decades ago]: “Knowledge and getting it to efficient use is the key resource of any organization.”

Social Media Today: “Everyone, get into social media: Wikis and social intranets will save your day!”

There are a lot of people in many different sectors sensing things happening, but many in the same time miss the big picture which is that these things are entwined together in a total paradigm shift.

None of the things above alone, but everyone of these together.

Leadership [personal and group] + career and self-development skills + media skills = mycelium of now