About learning analytics needs in higher education – a moment into teachers interviews

Teachers’ learning analytics needs analysis interviews are an event in itself which invites to discuss learning analytics in certain ways and under certain rules: self-regulation, future skills and (forced) distance learning.

The very thing that learning analytics and these discursive rules show up and act together directs the discussion and hides their conflict beneath their friendly appearing act, for example: “we need to better support the students in the online environment, so we need to see their progress”, (i.e., “self-regulation requires more management and surveillance”).

Conflict creates a difficult negotiation to try to fit these together. For this to take place and the negotiation to continue unbroken, all sorts of presuppositions and language tricks and games are needed, for example, the use of an abstraction: “learning analytics support the teacher to see the learner’s progress and the learner to get better information about their learning”.

As such, this does not mean much, but much is built on it.