When You Over-Automate Your Social, I’m Out of There

Image by burned leg

Imagine a situation where you are cloned 10 times and every time I visit my favorite spots in the world, you would be there shouting the same things all over again. This is how I sometimes feel, when thoughtless people hit the automate button in Social Media Services and Sites.

Think for a second: isn’t it even more stupid if you have pretty much the same contacts in those different sites and you are shouting ‘Just woke up, gonna read the paper and then take a poo’. Everyplace I’m looking you are there with your poo.

And so what if the contacts were different? All people don’t like to hear about your things from Facebook, which I feel is often more personal media than lets say Twitter.

I think that services like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed etc. are still different services and you look lazy to me if you are spamming the same message to all of these all the time. In my eyes the effect of your message is diluting.

Another thing that I dislike is screwing up your own blog or other site’s public feed with your automated feed where you have everything from Twitter to Facebook to Digg to Flickr and beyond, status update after another.

The information I wanted to read from your blog, or from some site’s public feed meant to serve more as a feed for your blog posts, is now ruined and I won’t return there, perhaps forever.

So thanks a lot Mr and Ms SocialGuns AllBlazing. Next time when you have your loaded Friendfeed Revolved and you feel trigger happy, take the headphones off, listen to others for a second and remember this old cliche: less is more. Think before you act.

Thanks, we’ll be seeing in the webs.