The Power of Images

I finally got myself reading the book The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam (and actually like it very much). Made me also question why I, a usually very visual person, use visualization so rarely with things not related to graphic design, what I still sometimes do.

The books message in many parts is: the power of visualization can be very strong and you can explain even more complex matters in a more simply way by using very basic drawings.

Well, lately when I was searching for a specific place in an unfamiliar city where I was supposed to have a meeting in next 10 minutes, I really got a lesson with this.

I was in a hurry, missing the start. At the street, I found a person who I could ask a way to where I was going. This person actually did know the place, but his English was a bit hard to decipher (or maybe it was just my ears in that rush). I just couldn’t understand everything he was saying; his explanation was long, fast, filled with names unfamiliar to me.

Then, as I spent my trip to the city reading the book, I remembered that I had my iPad with me (of course it could’ve been paper and pen). I took it out and asked him to draw the directions. Anyone can draw lines right? So he did.

With this map that you see up there, I found it. Yes it’s a very simple drawing, and not too good looking either, but it really did the trick better than those 100 words that I just couldn’t grasp.