Our Society is Ruining Our Lives

Image by Andrew Huff

“I can’t because no one hasn’t done this never before.” Can you still push this sentence a bit more to the negative?

“I dare not, because I may fail.” Yes, most likely you will. Just get up after that, and fail again. Eventually you will succeed, and fail.

“I have a great IDEA, but not enough time to take it further because I’m busy earning my standard secure living and am happy doing things in a way that doesn’t create friction and havoc.”

“It’s in the ‘Big World Out There’, not here.” To such an obvious self-denial there’s nothing to add.

My audience is here, in the middle league.

“It doesn’t concern me.” Well actually, it does.

“So, how can I actually use these, could you tell me?” No, I won’t.

“I fear of [____]”. Put whatever in the previous slot and remember that there’s nothing else to fear than the fear itself.

“I like to laugh to others who try out different things open minded and I wait for the moment when they fail and I get to tell them ‘I told you so’.” Well, screw you too. Has history ever remembered the critics who achieved nothing but whining?

“Our society doesn’t support my cause.” So screw the society, create your own way, move from the context if it demands it, and do what you want to do even if there’s no one who believes or supports you and no other example of what you try to achieve.

Because when the time comes, and your puny little life is withering away, you wish you had done all the things you secretly wished for.

So is this current whining, truly the sound that comes from a creative society?

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