Exhibition: Lahti Poster Biennial 2009

biennaleDuring my summer vacation I did my biennial visit to Lahti Art Musem to see the International Poster Exhibition. There was a couple of really great works, including posters from Iran and Japan.

Really a worth visiting if you happen to be near Lahti, Finland. Still a month to go so chop-chop!

p.s. Poster books of the previous years are sold really cheap at their store!

17th International Poster Biennial to be held in Finland
14 June – 27 September 2009
Website: Lahti Art Museum | Poster Museum

Exhibition: Tampere Art Museum – AFRICA/NOW Contemporary Art from Africa

http://www.tampere.fi/taidemuseo/ Today we visited the Tampere Art Museum to see an exhibition of contemporary art from Africa.

I really enjoyed the naïve style many works had. And the use of the color spectrum! What a contrast to leave the museum when there was this grey weather outside, filled with slush and rain.

One of the most effective works, the ones that really got to me, were the drawings made by ex child soldiers.

It is really unbelievable that people can steal children from their homes, mentally abuse them and then arm them for war. Something like that makes you think things in a whole different perspective.

One can just imagine what the drawings portrayed. Nonetheless, the tone behind that all was surprisingly hopeful and forgiving.

The themes in the exhibition vary, so there’s a lot more than just things of negative aspects.

I strongly advice, that if you are in the Tampere region, to visit the exhibition before it ends the 15th of February.

For the art itself and for the message they deliver. A week to go.

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