Not having a revenue model is the new pink

One thing I don’t understand with news about Web services and start-ups is this: why do people always cry about start-ups and alike not having a revenue model or not currently making big bucks or even profitable business?

Haven’t people learned anything from the past? They wondered this same thing with Google, and look at it now! They are now wondering it with services like Twitter, Spotify and still some people do it even with Facebook.

I believe everyone should finally understand that this is the new way of creating concepts and making business; not starting with a polished and totally finished product which you can immediately sell as such, but starting with creating a large community and after having it [if you are worth it], creating and releasing extra in the service – hopefully with meaningful stuffing – for those who want to pay and use it to the max.

The trick of course is to have an innovative approach and ask “Well, now we have all these people here – what are we going to do with them? How can we do profitable business with all this and still keep people liking us?”

I believe it’s really OK in the start to have a half-ready concept which you can put out for public. That way you can more easily tweak it according to what people are saying about it and what they really need.

Here’s the CNET News’ article about Twitter putting out pro accounts