Put Some 2.2. Into the Samsung Galaxy S

cute XDD
Image by laihiu

I have to say that I like the Samsung Galaxy S. I bought one in order to be more acquainted with the Android operating system and overall some other mobiles than Nokia – didn’t buy myself an iPhone as I already have and iPad and a MacBook Pro. Maybe time for iPhone comes in some point, but not this time.

I’ve read many different kinds of experiences about this mobile device, but for me it [currently] works well. Here’s a couple of thoughts why and why not. First the “why-nots”.


  • I had to use an old Acer and Kies to put the Android in. I had to use a PC, an old one – but I went jogging while it processed the thing, so I got some exercise. And isn’t Slow Movement currently some kind of a trend, hmm?
  • Related to previous: Can’t sync my i-things. I have some cool things on iPad that I could have used with iPhone too, but not possible in this case.
  • Well yes, it sucks battery big time. Some optimization may be needed. Although it blew the battery faster with 2.1.
  • The GPS feels a slow, but the device feel overall a bit faster than with 2.1.
  • It is slippery. Have already used it as a boomerang twice.
  • The speech recognition isn’t working in Finnish. But you get hilarious English sentences with it when you try.


  • Integrating social networks was easy and simple. Some have complained about contact duplicates, yes there comes the problem in some cases, but for me it didn’t do much more work to link them. I think it would be best to have one place where you had your contacts + Facebook, for example Google. Although they should make something like Gist to recognize the duplicates in Contacts. Who knows, maybe they are contemplating this in Google already. Although it might get bad to do it, if they are putting up a fight with Facebook.
  • I’m an information gatherer, and now it is easier than ever before. I’m a big fan of Evernote and when it works well, I’m happy. It works well.
  • It syncs my Google thingies with ease. Before stuffing the 2.2. in, it somehow stopped syncing them, don’t know why, but the version 2.2. repaired this one. For example I had a huge fight with N900 with syncing Google calendar and I just quit as I didn’t get it work anymore [in the beginning it worked and then just stopped]. I have my limits.
  • My wife says it is a device which surprises her again and again – positively. I might be a UX guy, but she’s a better indicator on something working for actual people – I might spend time trying to get some service to work, but she looses her interest in 5 seconds. So thanks to the designers out there, you’ve made someone happy.
  • Kies worked well for me. Some have written in blogs that it sucks to use it, but I didn’t have any problem.
  • The speech recognition is frightening and reveals what is really Google’s mission. It searches the maps, or Internet or writes your email/text message or calls your friends if you tell it to. Really fast.
  • Call me an Otaku if you will, but the little Android is cute. It lives inside the phone. I know it.